A poet of the mimeograph revolution, Randy Rhody brings you a roadside view of the radical Sixties without the myths, in his upcoming memoir...

Record of Mishaps

An otherworldly 18-year-old seeking a mystic’s higher understanding flees compulsory military service in 1966, drifting without a safety net through subterranean America for 22,000 reckless miles.

In the year that 382,000 young Americans are drafted to serve in an unjust war, a youth on the run finds brief recognition as a poet of the Mimeo Revolution.

Momentum tumbles him further, on an uncalculated hitchhike through Americana, and a personal story of chance meetings with counterculture figures who changed history.

But neither the authoritarian state nor the radical underground will illuminate the way on his quest for a seeker’s transforming insight.

traveling light : 8 months, 22,000 miles

Steve Abbott
Allen Ginsberg
d. a. levy
Edward English

personae : the famous, the notorious, the complete unknowns

Scrip March 1966, Allen Ginsberg
Randy Rhody, A Years Worth of Wonder
Do-It!, d.a.levy, allen ginsberg, randy rhody, matt shulman, clarence major, freda norton
Paracutes, Randy Rhody, d.a.levy

writing rare books : in the mimeo revolution

comparative timeline : 1966-1969 | blog : photo supplement to Record of Mishaps