chapters 9 - 12

Chapter 9

September 1966 - We see Big Brother and the Holding Company at a small club on Wells Street in Chicago. The band has just added a new singer, nobody we've ever heard of.

Mother Blues

Mother Blues, Wells Street, Chicago.


Big Brother and the Holding Company's unknown new singer.

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Chapter 10

October 1966 - Gallagher and I hitchhike from Chicago to LA on Route 66, then up to San Francisco. We immediately turn around and come back the same way when I'm summoned to a draft physical.

Route 66 Texas

Route 66.

Vietnam protest march

Peace march.


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Chapter 11

November 1966 - San Francisco again. Emmett Grogan and Billy Murcott make the Diggers stew in our kitchen once or twice. I help them clean out the garage on Page Street for the new Free Store, where we have Thanksgiving.

Digger meal

Golden Gate Park Panhandle Diggers feed,

Emmett Grogan

Emmett Grogan.

Photo credits - Digger meal, Photo © Jim Marshall Photography LLC, from San Francisco Chronicle: external link (March 10, 2017). Emmett Grogan, Photo © Lisa Law. external link (March 27, 2018).

Chapter 12

January 1967 - At Christmas we're in Ciudad Juarez. By New Year's I'm the guest of a sheriff in New Mexico...which turns out to be the lucky miracle I was hoping for!


Ciudad Juarez.


Vietnam draft exemption.

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