chapters 5 - 8

Chapter 5

July 1966 - d. a. levy organizes a poetry reading at The Gate, a coffeehouse for students at Cleveland State University. The Plain Dealer runs a full-page story and quotes my poem. PDF

Poets at the Gate

Poets at the Gate

Photo of d. a. levy in wig (top), Randy Rhody reading by candle light (lower left).

"A POET named Randy Rhody walks to the front of the room. He is wearing a red woolen sweater and a gold muffler. He is tall, thin and has long, well combed hair. He reads:
throw your suitcases out in the rain..."

-- Plain Dealer

Poets at the Gate

Image credits: Poets At The Gate Vol. 1, No. 4. July 1966. link (January 16, 2018, no longer online). Poets at the Gate citation at external link (January 19, 2018, no longer online): "P-88 POETS AT THE GATE, ISSUE 4, ed. d. a. levy, 1966, 12 pages, "Poems in this issue were from the third reading in this series which occurred on July 1, 1966. Featured readers were D.r. Wagner, Joe Walker & rjs. rjs continued poetry from this reading series with Free Love Periodically Vol. 1 & 2."

Chapter 6

It's the beginning of some serious hitchhiking and reckless freight train rides - 21,000 miles or more in nine months.


Map by the author. See full size. Miles are approximate. The number of trips between Chicago, Cleveland, and New York were numerous and may be incomplete as shown. The May journey from St. Louis to Lincoln was by bus. The November round trip between Chicago and Minneapolis was by bus.

Chapter 7

August 1966 - Heading west on my way to Denver, I stop in Lincoln to print 4 Suits. The vagabond poet, Edward English, comes through Lincoln at the same time.

4 Suits

4 Suits.

Edward English

Edward English.

4 Suits

Credits - 4 Suits image from a private collection. University of Virginia (OCoLC) 22220492. Edward English photo credit 1973 New York Times obituary: external link (July 7, 2018). Bookseller citation at external link (January 16, 2018, no longer online)

Chapter 8

August 1966 - Tim and I huddle on the front ledge of a hopper car, 500 miles from Denver to Lincoln. Then another 500 miles from Lincoln to Chicago between the rear truck wheels on a piggyback flatcar.

hopper car

Hopper car with ledge.

piggyback rail car

Flatcar with trailer piggyback.

Photo credits - Hopper car external link (November 21, 2018). Flat car with piggyback, source unknown.