chapters 1 - 4

Chapter 1

February 1966 - Allen Ginsberg causes an uproar when he comes to Lincoln, Nebraska. At our apartment we host a party for him--and Pulitzer laureate Karl Shapiro.

newspaper article

The Daily Nebraskan, 21 Feb. 1966.

Karl Shapiro

Karl Shapiro, Poet, Pulitzer Prize 1945.
University of Nebraska faculty 1956-66.

Credits - News item, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries, Lincoln, NE. Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. link (November 1, 2018). Karl Shapiro, link (March 25, 2018).

Chapter 2

April 1966 - It's a one-man Mimeo Revolution when I print my booklet of 50 poems, A Year's Worth of Wonder 1965-1966 and Steve Abbott draws the cover art. 48 years later his daughter memorializes him in Fairyland external link.


A Year's Worh of Wonder 1965-1966..

Steve Abbott

Steve Abbott.



Credits - Book image from a private collection. Steve Abbott, unknown source. Fairyland ISBN-10:0393348903, 2013 external link

Chapter 3

May 1966 - Joe Knight and I hitchhike to Omaha to seek out Matt Shulman, who's about to mimeo a poetry collection called Do-It! He takes some of my poems to include. Years later it becomes a 200-euro collectors' item. Matt introduces us to the poet Clarence Major, also in Do-It!.

Clarence Major

Clarence Major, Professor Emeritus, UC Davis.


Photo credits - external link (March 27, 2018). Do-It! image and citation from external link (December 28, 2017).

Chapter 4

June 1966 - In Cleveland I find d. a. levy, publisher of the Marrahwanna Quarterly. He issues my poems in a mimeo booklet called Paracutes, and MaRa paints the covers. Paracutes eventually winds up in the special collections and archives of three universities.

Dagmar Ferek

MaRa (Dagmar).

d. a. levy

d. a. levy, publisher, 7 Flowers Press, Marrahwanna Quarterly.


Paracutes front and back cover.

Photo credits - Dagmar external link (March 25, 2018). d.a.levy external link (March 27, 2018). Listed at external link (January 19, 2018). "P-97 PARACUTES, Randy Rhody, 1966, 400 Rabbit Press Publication, 5 pages, 125 copies, Mimeo. © Randy Rhody. Cover painting by MaRa. Price is listed as 20 cents." Front and back cover images from a private collection.